June 2017

Ian Donald Blair Walkway is a 1,180m long boardwalk meandering through the dunes parallel to the Indian Ocean in the town site of Onslow around 1,400km north of Perth. Originally constructed using the Western Australian hardwood Karri, the boardwalk was being severely attacked by termites and was in various states of disrepair. A decision was taken by the Shire of Ashburton, the responsible local government authority, to undertake a staged replacement of the boardwalk. 

The solution to both the termite issue as well as aggressive marine environment was determined to be an Australian made Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) manufactured in Adelaide by Advanced Plastic Recycling (APR). The Shire were impressed with the benefits offered by the WPC product – weather, water and mould resistant; termite resistant and easily fabricated using traditional wood processing techniques. In addition, the APR product is manufactured from 98% recycled plastic and wood. It was determined that both the deck and the substructure would be constructed entirely of Wood Plastic Composite. 

Stage One of the project commenced and was completed in fiscal year 2010-11, with Stage Two, the following year – bringing the total replacement length to 630 lineal metres. Despite the Shire (and the Onslow locals) being delighted with the result, for a number of reasons, a hiatus followed – with supply and installation of the final stage of 550 lineal metres being tendered in September 2016, with installation scheduled for June/July 2017.  

Shire President Kerry White has been delighted with the proven benefits demonstrated by the performance of the completed stage one and two, and is also proud of a decision that ultimately will have saved around 222,000 kg of material from going to landfill. The upgraded boardwalk will require significantly less maintenance than the structure it replaced as well as providing a significant improvement on lifecycle benefit. 

Made from ecocomp WPC, APR boardwalks have no splinters and will not rot. They are ideal for coastlines, wetlands and marine areas in general. APR can provide all posts, bearers, joists and decking to create a boardwalk that suits you. For more pictures of our boardwalks, click here.

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