APR utilises the very latest in engineering equipment, machinery and technology from around Australia and the world. Having invested substantial amounts in both hardware and research and development, APR sits at the very forefront of recycling technology and manufacturing techniques, following industry best practice guidelines. In this way, we are able to both maximize the amount of material we recycle and ensure the quality of our products is always top notch.


As a customer, you have two options when considering our products:

This ability to manufacture a virtually limitless range of products, in large or small quantities, makes APR the ideal choice for everyone from the home DIY-er up to large corporate, industrial and government clientele.


The process of creating our wood plastic composite products from household, commercial and industrial post consumer waste is as follows:

  1. We gather post industrial waste, post consumer polyolefin plastics and process them into pellets.
  2. The pellets are converted to resin, which is then compounded with 100% recycled waste wood.
  3. The compounded material is then continuously extruded through a die-cut profile into almost any required shape and form factor.
  4. The material, now wood plastic composite, is cooled with water – which is continuously reused.
  5. The finished product is automatically machine cut to length up to 6m and above by request.

The resulting product is strong, attractive, versatile, resistant to pests and corrosion and, of course, good for the environment.


  • Efficient
  • Effective
  • OHS compliant
  • Fully recycled water
  • Continuous extrusion
  • Fully automated process
  • Automated cutting