Wood Plastic Composite Decking Boards

A new era of Australian made decking

Locally manufactured extruded decking profiles with a matt, brushed, grooved modern looking finish.  Made from high-grade local re-purposed materials, wood plastic composite (WPC) is the sustainable choice for builders looking to move away from timber decking.

Unlike imported products our material is tested in and engineered for resilience in the Australian environment.  The unique blend of materials has been specially formulated to resist degrading when exposed to the elements. Not only does WPC last longer than other materials on the market, it requires very little maintenance and is more cost effective over time.  No expensive oiling, painting or staining is required!

  • Durable and water resistant – won’t rot, crack or rust
  • Safe to handle – no sharp edges or splinters
  • UV stabilised to resist fading (graphite option)
  • Non-toxic– no chemicals leaching into the soil
  • Plastic surface is unable to be attacked by termites
  • Ecologically friendly 98% recycled materials (approx. 48% recycled high density polyethylene e.g. milk bottles, 48% untreated wood)

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