Government, councils, departments and authorities are constantly searching for new and innovative projects that will enhance their green image, reduce their energy footprints, increase sustainability and lessen the level of impact they have on the environment.

There are few better ways for progressive organisations to demonstrate their commitment to the environment than choosing APR products over traditional, resource-hungry alternatives like plastics, timber, metals and concrete. Not only do our products decrease the amount of precious natural resources needed, they can also reduce waste material going to landfill.

APR products are far more durable than other products, so will require less maintenance and fewer replacements over time.

Wood Plastic Composite
products for architectural applications

Display Signs

Information display stands for way finding, navigation and educational purposes. Ideal for councils, schools, national parks, and recreational facilities.

Totem Signs

Sturdy and secure signage for information and directional guides on footpaths, walking tracks, parks, and recreational facilities. Ideal for councils and educational facilities.

Raised Garden Beds

The perfect sustainable choice of organic garden beds, veggie patches and sand boxes.

Tree Surrounds

WPC tree surrounds will protect your trees and keep your garden neat.

Viewing Platforms

APR's Viewing Platforms are manufactured in Australia from recycled and reclaimed materials and provide the solution you are looking for.

Post and Rail Fencing

Versatile, strong and easy to maintain property fencing for visual appeal in national parks, gardens and hobby farms. Ideal for marine applications to prevent direct access to water.


Strong, weather resistant landscape bollards ideal for creating borders, pedestrian control and vehicles access control in outdoor areas.

Post and Panel Signs

Ideal for navigational aids, car parks and assembly points in council areas, nursing homes, and community parks and gardens.


Wood Plastic Composite Screening from APR come in a range of sizes and can be used in a variety of applications.