Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Edging

Durable landscape edging made in Australia from local recycled materials. 

Garden and Path Edging

Permanent and hard-wearing material that supplies a crisp edge between areas of the garden and footpath. Impermeable surface is ideal for water conservancy projects.

Garden Beds

Eco-friendly raised beds perfect for chemical-free organic gardens, home decking, urban farms, community and school gardens.

Playground Edging

Versatile border and safety edging for child friendly play spaces. Ideal for a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit any playground design.

Stakes, Pegs and Markers

Sturdy CCA-free garden stakes and markers that are resistant to attack from termites and white ants. Perfect for organic gardens with no harsh chemicals leaching into the soil.

Tree Surrounds

Protect your plants and trees and keep your garden neat. Our flexible profiles come in round or square styles to highlight your landscape design.

WPC edging products are non-toxic and chemical free, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional materials that’s safe for humans and the environment.

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