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Commercial Decking

Water resistant decking solutions designed for use in commercial and recreational landscapes. Perfect for public infrastructure along coastal and inland waterways.

  • Durable and water resistant – won’t rot, crack or rust
  • Low-maintenance – cost savings over time
  • Safe to handle – no sharp edges or splinters
  • UV stabilised to resist fading (graphite option)
  • Non-toxic– no chemicals leaching into the soil
  • Plastic surface is unable to be attacked by termites

APR decking is easy to install and requires no special tools. We can also assist with design and installation of all our products.

Walkways, marina pontoons and jetties, residential homes, commercial structures, parks and wetland boardwalks, garden paths, transport flooring.

Tri I Decking
Mulit-purpose stylish ribbed decking profile that will add value to your property and provide safety in walking areas.

  • 450mm to 750 mm joist spanning potential
  • Slip resistant coatings available on request