Superior Performance Awaits You

Wood Plastic Composite product is packed with superiority which will outperform other products on the market.

  • It will not rust, splinter, rot or dramatically weather with age and the impact from UV radiation is minimal
  • Being chemically inert, there will be no leaching of chemical into the soil like treated wood and it will not be eaten by termites
  • Has a lower thermal conductivity than metal and concrete and with minimal water absorption, makes the product resistant to sea water and salt
  • Like wood, metal and plastic, WPC¬†products have the versatility to be easily cut, drilled, screwed, bolted and stapled to aid ease of installation
  • Has a strength far greater than plastic products and being much lighter makes it easier to handle than metal or concrete
  • The durability is far superior and will outlast any traditional material

Product Categories


There are few better ways for progressive organisations to demonstrate their commitment to the environment than choosing APR products over traditional, resource-hungry alternatives like plastics, timber, metals and concrete.


Government, councils, departments and authorities are constantly searching for new and innovative projects that will enhance their green image, reduce their energy footprints, increase sustainability and lessen the level of impact they have on the environment.

Councils and Parks18

The range of WPC products available from APR are Australian made and are virtually maintenance free, making them the ideal choice for Councils and Parks.


APR are able to create a range of custom profiles to suit your specific requirements.


Two of the most important attributes of materials used in agriculture and primary industries are durability and safety.


APR's range of wood plastic composite products are well suited to Government applications due to their superior quality and low maintenance.


Marine infrastructure such as wharves, boardwalks, jetties, pontoons and walkways require a substantial amount of lumber and metal to construct.


The properties of our recycled wood plastic products such as chemical inertness, strength, durability, flexibility and resistance to the elements make them ideal for any number of applications in mining and industry.


The versatility of our materials, combined with the flexibility of our manufacturing process, gives APR's recycled wood plastic composite products as many uses around the home and garden as they have in industry.


The APR dunnage & bearer range has been developed from our customer requests to have a more environmental and sustainable alternative.