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Advanced Plastic Recycling is Australia's leading manufacturer of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) for Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Custom Design applications. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we are proud to supply and develop replacement products, for traditionally used materials through the use of our recycled plastic and wood composites. Read more...

Wood Plastic Composite Products


Decking / Boardwalks

APR Wood Plastic Composit (WPC) Decking and Boardwalks are environmentally friendly, sustainable and easy to install.



WPC Bollards are great for the environment and sustainability. They are also modern, recycled and low maintenance.



WPC Furniture is an environmentally friendly and aesthetically appealing option for the work place or home.


Garden Edging

WPC Garden & Path Edging is diverse and can be used in seaside, urban and rural environments.

pipe supports

Pipe Supports

WPC Pipe Supports provide sound environmental and sustainable high temperature pipe supports.

Dunnage / Bearers / Gluts

Dunnage / Bearers / Gluts

WPC Bearers, Dunnage, Gluts and Pallets are developed to be durable, paintable and do no split.


Our Process

our process

APR utilises the very latest in engineering equipment, machinery and technology. APR sits at the very forefront of recycling technology techniques.

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Custom Profiles

custom profiles

Do you need something slightly thicker, thinner, or a different shape than offered in the standard range? Not a problem!

more on custom profiles


custom profiles

Thanks to Government legislation and environmental awareness campaigns, most people know how much damage waste plastic can do to the environment.

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profile list

product brochure

Technical Specifications

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Planet Smart represents Advanced Plastic Recycling(APR) in Western Australia.



  • Made from 100% post consumer plastic and wood
  • Does not leach any chemicals into surrounds
  • Its use helps to raise awareness about the benefits of recycled products
  • Requires minimal water for production and water is reused in manufacturing
  • Does not require precious natural resources for production
  • Less energy is required to recycle plastic than is needed to make new plastic
  • Can be used to substitute other products that do require natural resources
  • New employment opportunities in a growth industry – better for the community
  • Requires low energy for production

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