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    The properties of our recycled plastic products – chemical inertness, strength, durability, flexibility and resistance to the elements – make them ideal for any number of applications in mining and industry.
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    The APR dunnage & bearer range has been developed from our customer requests to have a more environmental and sustainable alternative.
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    Two of the most important attributes of materials used in agriculture and primary industries are durability and safety.
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    Marine environments such as wharfs, boardwalks, jetties, pontoons and walkways require a substantial amount of lumber and metal to construct. APR offers alternative sustainable solutions.
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    Councils, government departments and authorities are constantly searching for new and innovative projects that will enhance their green image. APR is the first choice when it comes to sustainable solutions.
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    APR offer an Australian made product that is ideal for the Australian landscape and virtually maintenance free.



Consumers, businesses, industries, councils and governments alike are all now searching for ways to lessen their environmental impact, shrink their energy consumption footprints and increase the use of more sustainable products and resources.

  1. 100% Post Consumer Waste

    Wood Plastic Composite products from Advanced Plastic Recycling are made from 100% post consumer plastic and wood and  help reduce waste matter going into landfil.

  2. Sustainable Alternatives

    Wood Plastic Composite products can be used as a direct substitute for other products that require significant natural resources. Even the production process requires minimal water and any water consumed is reused in the manufacturing process.

  3. Environmentally Aware

    Wood Plastic Composite products from Advanced Plastic Recycling do not require any precious natural resources for production, the manufacturing process has low energy requirements, almost zero emissions and when the product is used, they do not leach any chemicals into the ground.

  4. Recycle and Reuse

    Less energy is required to recycle plastic than is needed to make new plastic. This means we’re able to help the environment by reusing resources rather than simply creating and consuming more. 

  5. Increase Awareness

    Advanced Plastic Recycling’s WPC products not only benefit the environment directly, they also help to increase awareness of the benefits of recycled products and provide a boost for the community by providing employment opportunities in a growth industry.