Fence Posts

Low maintenance, long-lasting, sustainable timber alternative. Ideal for fencing, properties, and other structures.

Designed for strength and durability in demanding outdoor applications.
Wood Plastic Composite fence posts are made in Australia from high-grade recycled plastic and wood waste.  The unique blend of materials combines the strength of timber with the durability and rigidity of plastic.

  • Non permeable – won’t rot, crack or rust
  • UV stabilised – fade resistant in the sun
  • CCA free – safe for human health
  • Easy to handle – no sharp edges or splinters
  • Chemically inert – no chemicals leaching into the soil
  • Plastic surface is unable to be attacked by termites and white ants

Custom profile lengths reduce waste and save on material costs
Available in a wide range of custom shapes and sizes, cut-to-length to ensure you get the right fencing type for your application and budget.  

Typical applications – rural fencing, animal exclusion fencing, post and wire, property and boundary fencing, national parks, and agricultural posts.